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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well crud.

I’ve been gone so long I’ve forgotten how to fix my heading. HaHa. Oh well. Couldn’t be bothered relearning so we’ll all deal with it. Yeah? Yeah!

That is until it bugs my sense of balance.
...okay only took a day to start bugging me and I FINALLY found wtf was up with it. Frig I can be real cleverer at times. Heh

So you’d think after being away so long I would have oodles, simply oodles to yap about. Well guess what. I have bugger all.


We have a house.

We have just over five bloody lovely acres. Bloody lovely until it comes time to mow the two cleared acres of it. But that’s the FatBastids bitch, not like I mow them.

We have a dog. It’s a bitch of a thing. MistyMoo when she’s being good and that fucking dog of yours [directed at the husband] when she’s being not so good.

Still employed at the nursing home. Trying not to be. Figuring I can work just as hard slinging hotdogs at the local Kahns factory as I can at slinging shit from the dirty bed sheets. But alas rejection was in the mail today. Application still on file.

Been living amongst the HillBillies for over two years now. Boy time flies when yer having some fun and sometimes none. I’m still amazed at what breathes around me. A fine example of why it should be mandatory to have blood tests before getting married. Not that a blood test would stop the breeding program around here. Yeah, shoulda wiped that one on a tissue buddy!

I’ve discovered DrugStore. Com. Admittedly not the drugs I would like to order online but kinda fun all the same.

See. I did forewarn about the lack of substance in my life.

No pun intended. Although somewhat fitting.

Haven’t had that for waay too long. Perhaps that’s the reason for being blog slacking.

Anyway I say good day to yew!


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