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~got nothing but toejam~
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

FuckMeDead what a weekend.

Thankfully I have tomorrow off, then four days work then I am bloody well free from God’s Waiting Room for ssssix daaaays.


I dunno what came first. The sense of smell or the sense of touch. But I knew when I was elbow deep in the biggest runniest clumpiest piece of crap I have EVER known to be expelled from an old person’s orifice. That it wasn’t gunna be a good day. Oh JoY. Another day like yesterday. Another day where the fuckwits certified as the nursing aides can NOT fucking decipher the words Laundry and Trash OR know their pre-school colours. See we trrrry and make it easier for them. Yelllllow is for laundry and gray is for the stinking fecal filled DIAPERS.


Luckily it took me a good ten minutes to go through the cleaning/sanitising of myself. I came oh so close to storming the upstairs and slamming the unbagged diaper and bedpad on the nurses counter. But that would have meant the housekeeper would have been stuck cleaning the shit splatters that would have exploded on everything in the near vicinity. Not like she was the one who mistook the barrels.

So to help make myself feel better I left a note for the HagLikePottie instead.


It was the second one I’ve left her this week.

Yeaah. See if she hugs me next time she see‘s me.



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