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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Avert yer eyes now I’m about to get slightly CatWeaselly.

Motherfucker. If I hear one more of them whining about being alone and bored, that’s why they came out to visit. I’m gunna be tempted to put my bad foot up their arse. It’s that “being bored” that gets me the most. When I’m alone I am never bored. Too rarely am I alone.

The UncleRussell is talking about dropping in later. We just saw him yesterday. He arrived in time for our dinner. I’m in my phase of tired of looking at him let alone jacked off at having to entertain/listen to him as he is eating my porkfuckingchop.

One can only take so much conversation about the SAME fucking topics that have taken place in previous visits. The one’s where he is all pussifired up, probably grind my teeth the most. It’s like he has to drop the “pussy” innuendoes and he’s not being completely rude with it. More school-boyish. Like haha pussy, pussy, pussy. I just ignore him, alas others seated around me feel they have to force a laugh for his comfort. Which only encourages him even more.

Truly, some days I sit there wondering if they can ever hear the screams that are reverberating around in my head. I’m sure they see my fists scrunch as my fingernails dig into my palms.

It’s not like I can completely ignore his visits or really anyone’s as they’ll clomp down the twelve steps into the HellandTarnation room to visit me if I don‘t answer when they yell down the stairs. I’m like fuck me dead there are four other people up there, drifting off to go do their own thing. Why can’t I. I mean, he isn’t MY Uncle. Don’t get me wrong. I like UncleRussell. In small doses and with at least a week in between his visits. I like him plenty.

People often ask if “I like it here”…six times out of ten I am tempted to ask if they mean like in the right now of my personal existence or just here in Kentucky generally.

Without FUCKING fail. I settle into doing something and someone “drops” in.

Fuck, Fuck, FAAARK.

Like just then, the red-headed-step-sister-in-law plonked on my bed as I was getting into my blog. A blog that I have no interest in any of THEM finding. It’s not like I can pleasantly say Fuck Off Now Please, she’s in the not completely right basket so it would hurt her feelings.

Instead, I wait her out only to then find I’ve been booted off the freaking internet.

Time for a smoke.


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