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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Egg rolls and toothbrushes.

I should be disgusted with myself. I’m so easy. Just buy me egg-rolls and my tolerance meter for people who shit me, restarts. Arhaaha. But Bubbha damn they are worthy and good.

Welp. As of February 1st, I got my fulltime position…*I acknowledge all yer clappings*… And got it with very little spiel needed. Actually I didn’t have to even talkto the Administrator…wasn’t he lucky. HaHaa! I only had to mention that I am seeking employment elsewhere. Yes, that is all it took to send 420 Prancey scurrying up to the Administrators office to ask for me to be fulltime. She was as surprised as I that he agreed without any need for argument. When told that she was taking the schedule home over the weekend to rework it, he told her he “didn’t care how she did it, just do it”.

So now I have the dubious honour of being the first ever fulltime laundressaah!

I hahaHA at the naysayers, namely the LittleFatBastid and my mom-in-law who said it would neverever happen in the laundry department.

Although, now I think I am about to be royally fucked by 420’s lack of ability in scheduling. I hope she makes me eat those words. But I have this awful feeling that some of my usual dayshifts are going to be given to her mother Odelle and I’ll be placed on the nightshifts. Mainly because Odelle who has been re-employed as the PRN…whatever that stands for, but she‘s the “back-up”…can’t see to drive at night. Ooooh ookay…*here I am making the WTF Face*…that makes sense, a PRN that can’t cover ALL and ANY shifts.

I’m thinking I might as well just bend over and part my fulltime cheeks now. But time will tell eh. Maybe it won’t be such an ouchie whose yer Momma moment.

Today, just when I think my life can’t be anymore rosier and joyful. I discover that the [sometimes fucking] painful irritant that has taken up residence on my little left toe is a corn. So now I can truthfully say I am experiencing all feetal [haha] impediments. My left money-foot contains all of the following…a heel spur, a bunion and an ingrown toenail.

But before you all start feeling my pain.

Let me tell you about the most disgusting, gut heaving moment I experienced about a week back.

My father-in-laws Aunt Ruth carked it. They were at the layout and had been for some time. I head upstairs to use the bathroom, the loo specifically. Whilst I am perched on said loo doing my wee I look over at the sink and notice the toothpaste is left unscrewed. That’s okay all I thought was damn lazy fuckers can’t even put the lid back on. I then think ahh I might as well brush the fangs while I’m in here. As I’m washing my hands I notice a toothbrush that looked funnily enough just like the new bendy headed purple one I had just brought that morning. I open up the cabinet to get my brush out of my toiletry bag, when motherFUCKER that IS my toothbrush.

YES! My father-in-law, he the brush only for weddings/layouts/funerals oral hygienist had used my fucking toothbrush.

As I said to the LittleFatBastid afterwards, I am so friggin thankful that he left it on the counter, un-rinsed of toothpaste and with food particles and gungy bits still stuck to it because if he hadn’t I would have been none the fucking wiser and would have used it.

Soon as he came in the door I told him Oi! we might be buddies but you using my bloody toothbrush is where I draw the bloody line at!

ooohkay are we all throwing up in our mouths now, or just me still?


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