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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Seems so much has happened, yet not really.

I’ve started working. Well, really I’ve started being paid for doing it. For the princely sum of seven buckeroonies an hour I get to shake the farts and other various liquidy matters, that we won’t go into just yet, outta old peoples laundry.

Yaaay ME!

Went in for an interview with the HOH Prancy, Thursday gone. After answering a list of questions; watching nearly two hours of health and hygiene related videos; reading, filling out and signing a stack of paperwork; introductions to a fuckload of the other staff working [yeah like I’d remember many of them]; verbal fire-drill with the maintenance man, I started “work” there and then. Basically just familiarising myself with the homes layout via one of the housekeepers.

Friday, I went in to be specifically trained in the laundry department, only the trainer didn’t turn up. Haha. Yep. She had quit that morning. And No not because she heard she was to be training moi in the art of LaundryBitchness. Instead, my training consisted of being periodically assaulted with instructions by the rather high-strung Prancy, every hour or so. She kept apologising for the unusual hecticness of the day [it was an absolute madhouse] and in the next breath hoping I’d still come back the next day.

Made me laugh. Takes a bit more than that to scare me off. But I guess she had reason for the repeated statement as two of her staff had resigned in the previous week. With another one [LynWithTheLooseVaginalLips, my neighbour] working out her two week notice. My weekend was spent working alongside the school senior Steph [lovely girl] and Monday with the AdorableDitzJune.

Tomorrow is my first rostered day by myself. I’m looking forward to it. What I am not exactly looking forward to is knowing that what I thought was dried snot on one of the old guys hankies is not actually mucous but the results of his daily wanking sessions. Yes, somebody needs to buy that man a box of tissues, better still, throwaway hand wipes.

Arhaaha. Sunday was the last time I’ll shake hands with that old dude. Now, I just have to pinpoint the other residents known to masturbate. Apparently there’s a few.

I did have the pleasure of having my left arse cheek cupped firmly at first, then pressure squeezed by an elderly hand. One of the aides intentionally drove her up close enough behind me in one of the wheelchair hallway traffic jams. By the time the hand had clawed it’s way to the back of my scrub top I needed the help of two aides to be released from her clenched fist.

Maybe I should get her and TheWanker together. Nothing would easily escape that grip.


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