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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So here I am with a spare moment up my sleeve.

With the internet gods and the LittleFatBastid willing I may just get to finish and post this.

I have settled in quite nicely at Gods Waiting Room, a little too nicely if yer asking the LittleFatOne. I have conquered not only dayshift but also nightshift personnel. HaHa. Shame I’ll have to pull the finger out and look further a field for a better job. One with benefits and more better scheduled hours. That major HOH 420 Prancey has little clue when rostering staff, unless her wish is to undermine their health. Double shifts then backing up the next day. She’s just lucky I desire the mighty American dollar.

The LittleFatBastid keeps pointing the invisible finger at a factory that sits across the railway line from the nursing home. The same one I look at every smoke and lunch break. Funny all I feel when I look across at the cold metal building is bleakness. God’s Waiting Room is full of aliveness, which is amusing, considering it’s full of old cranky people waiting to die.

It’s because of my optimism that I remain there. I’m optimistic that soon they will realise my extreme worthiness and employ me with fulltime hours. I’m working my way up to a “chat” with the Administrator about the possibility of such. I know he likes me. I make him laugh. The benefits to them making such a good move would be at least they’d have someone reliable and happy, yes admitted happiness when washing the shit out of old peoples clothes. I think it’s more that rhythmic folding of the linen. It lulls me. I am at peace.

Peace until I go upstairs to the linen closets and see the HAVOC those messy fucking aides have produced. I know they hear me muttering obscenities and death-threats and have the good sense not to come back in while I’m re-tidying up. Don’t think I haven’t thought about asking to view the tape of the surveillance cams. But I realise it might be taking it a bit far. Plus I know I couldn’t NOT pay them sloppy messy waddyathinkIamyerMOTHERS fucking bitches back.

I’m even becoming less pissy and picky at my arch nemesis dear OldLazyArsedHag Pottie. Mainly because I have been on the receiving end of worse. Worse as in HOH 420Pranceys mum Odelle. The less said about that the safer I’ll be. I mean she IS over eighty. It be like kicking yer own Granny in the guts and telling her yer an absolutely bloody useless twat, now get outta here!

The reason for Odelle coming out of retirement [she used to work there]…that SillyOldSlutLynn fell off a rolly stool a month or so back and did something to her wrist when the rest of her bulk landed on it. She’s off work and seeking compo. Then UnReliableJune’s latest drama is something to do with one of her kids, not sure exactly what it is, but she’s on some type of leave too.

Which all works into my fulltime spiel to the Administrator. Funny, I have never ever had to “sell” myself before. I feel like the spider and they’re the flies. Pottie’s the big fat annoying blowfly that won’t go away anytime soon, but I can work “around” her.

After all I have abilities and pot.


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