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Monday, August 13, 2007

Well what do you know??

The BitchSlappingSite is back up and running. What a pleasant surprise. When I click through to the “list” of waitee’s, scrolling down, seeing a few blogs that I read on the waiting list…then *blink, blink*…ut oh to find my blog on the list…haha I reaally don’t remember submitting it. I mean for a second time. I really only like smacks so much yerknow. Was more than happy with my four from before. All that “let sleeping dogs, lie” rule I have. Haha…not quite right analogy.

Maybe that’s one of the changes…we can submit others blogs? Whoa *crack* that could be fun.

Anyway. They’re back. Go play with them.

But before you do. Guess what?

I found MY hairdresser. Yes. Ha. Hopefully she won’t die or nothing. I walked out of the salon with nary a 80’s BigHair in sight. Lucky for her. I did express my wish not to. I mean it can get slightly concerning seeing all these Dallas and Dynasty styles still floating by. I made it a mission to ask them who/where their hairdresser was, to make sure I never booked an appointment there with them. So yes, very happy with Judi’s Attitude in Hair, particularly Judi.

Soon as I heard her on the phone, more so, soon as I *knew* she understood me on the phone, I liked her. Didn’t hurt that she called me sweetie a few times, neither. Haha. After I got home and checked out my hair, I liked her LOTS more. So rang her to tell her I loved it and would be back. She’s newer to the business area, only been here six months. I figure she’ll do fine in the area.

Other than re-killing my grey hairs.

I feel like I’m falling apart.

Not mentally haha never mentally but physically. After overdosing on the many episodes of “Snapped” I have even jokingly *narrow eyes* accused the LittleFatBastid one of slowly poisoning me. I guess one can only take so many “okay time to Shut-Right-Up now, yer starting to annoy me” before one starts to plot and plan another’s demise.

My left ankle is the size of a clubfoot. First of, it was painful, not now though. So I don’t know what to make of that. I continually stare at it, wondering what the fuck is going on there. I don’t remember twisting it. But now I have a fat ankle. I’m thankful it’s not the both of them as they are pretty ugly.

My left pinkie and ring finger are like they have no strength and hurts to scrunch them up into a fist. I told the LittleFatOne that no doubt that was caused from gripping the big tub of coffee when I made ALL the pots of it like I have the past few days...it’s not right to feel like yer just a CoffeeBitch in life.

My right side from waist down along the leg aches like a right bitch at night. But I have discovered the joys of stealing half a horse tablet pain-pill that belongs to my mother-in-law. Damn if I ever have to totally give up chouff I’m gunna get me some of them bastids. Within an hour or so after taking one, I sleep like ThePoodle…all grunts, farts and drools.

Is it because I’m finally getting older?

Yeah. Probably.

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