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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

“Hello, is LittleFatBastid there?”

Was the first thing I heard this morning, well second really, the phone ringing was the first thing. It was ThePreachers son OhDanielMyBrother wanting him to come out and play work. That’s the last I saw of my husband. I went to the loo for my morning poo [I am nothing but regular] and when I exited he was *le poouff*, gone.

What unexpected good fortune.

Haha it’s times like these that keep me sane here. Although I did say to myself…you watch that fucking UncleRussell turn up here. Already I have my door locked, ready to leap down beside my bed at the first syllable of his top of the stairs “Yer THERE?” yell.

If forced to do the above I will then *hope* I don’t sneeze or cough.

There is a chance of that as I have managed to pick up the lergy from the FatBastidOne. Not as bad as he had it, but annoying enough. Luckily, I have a sickly sister-in-law that rang in a script for antibiotics, which I am on day four of.

*takes pill now*

I am proud to say I have only surprise snotted myself once. No witnesses to it either, even better. I dunno about you, but to me that would have to be one of the most embarrassing things to do with a cold, it’s up there with the surprise cough that shoots a wad of the brown jelly outta yer mouth.

Although you do score ten points if it lands on someone you aren’t fond of.

Speaking of being not fond of. I’m not fond of this freaking internet provider, every time I see the talking ad for them I call the spokesman a bastardcocksucker. Yes it makes me feel somewhat better.

Back at work tomorrow, just in time for “Appreciation Day” for housekeepers and laundry people of the world. WTF??. Haha that cracks me up. I guess us housekeepers/laundresses are people TOO, dammit! Apparently there’s a little party between 2.30 and 3.30 tomorrow…whoohoo a whole hour. Wonder if I’ll get paid for it, as I finish at 2.30.

I feel I’m too new to get out of it [yes I tried already…hahaha] besides, sometimes I kinda like sitting back and watching my fellow co-workers, especially at partaay time. Arhaaha *cackle, snort* thinking about them partying. With the prim lipped Kerry, the wonky-eyed-not-quite-right Henry, 420 Prancey, cartoonish Pottie, AdorableDitzJune, LooseVaginalLippedLynn, my mother-in-law and me.

Anybody would think it was a RetardsAnonymous meeting with me as their leader.

Haha wonder if I could wander off and have a chouff first.

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