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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

*holds a mirror under my nose*


I AM still breathing.

It appears I lost November and December somewhere over here.

No Kids! Chouff doesn’t do any damage.


Where was I?

Oh who cares where I was, lets talk about where I am!

I am currently in a state of…a state of…uhm. Loving and loathing. A state of loving and loathing everything and everyone around me.

I love my job but some days I loathe it.

Yeah, never thought I’d be the one saying that, especially about washing old peoples undies. I loathe it mainly because of the pay rate. Seven bucks an hour. WhatTheFuck is SEVEN bucks an hour?? I know I should be thankful that it’s not minimum wage. MotherFucker that owns God’s Waiting Room [the nursing home] is a millionaire, probably a multi one. Owns two service stations, a real estate office, storage sheds AND a oil company. And yes I know his tightarsedness IS the reason he is so wealthy. He’s still a motherfucker, and I doubt a pay increase would make me feel any different about him. Unless it was a substantial one. Then he may just be a cocksucker instead of a motherfucker.

I love my in-laws but some days I loathe them.

Especially when they only seem to do their laundry when I come home from work. Not like I haven’t been listening to a washer and dryer going non-stop part of the day. MotherFuckers have had all day to do it. Or more so, one of them has. Lazy little red-headed-step-sister-in-law bitch that she is. I don’t care how “special” you are, you should still be made to do shit. And really I wouldn’t class her as being in the high percentile band of retardism. Far from it. Funny, I typed that and then the motherfucking dryer is started up…and now there goes the washer starting…I bet it’s my mom-in-laws doing.

Just like it’s her “protections” that her youngest daughter [the red-headed one] has no fucking inclination and [sometimes] no bloody clue how to do stuff. I’m betting, now that my mom-in-law is older and not in the best of health she is regretting those doings. Yes, the LittleFatBastid and I do most of the household running, mainly so my mom-in-law doesn’t have too. With a nearly-thirty-year-old non-working daughter in the house she shouldn’t bloody need too. That’s bullshit that is. I do truly believe she will miss our arses when we’re gone. She’ll be back to doing everything and I mean ev-ver-reething.

It’s only been in the past year or so that she no longer washes Claude my father-in-laws hair, not because the hair washing was a loving gesture but because he didn’t know how to do so properly. I fucking kid you not. I do wish she would have carried on his dental hygiene tho. Some days I dunno if the food falling out of his mouth is this meals or one from last week. I tell ya, if yer enjoying yer meal, yer don’t look across at Claude eating his. HaHa. The man doesn’t know how to work plastic food storage bags, he just rips a hole in them. Never mind the big yellow and red stripes denoting the fact that the open and reseal is HERE!!

I love the people around here, but some days I loathe them.

Mainly because they’re pretty stupid. Normally I adore stupid people, that’s because usually I am in a tops mood and they are there and they amuse me. But when you cross stupid with devout it’s a whole different kettle of jesus fish. Every now and again 420 Prancey will blurt out it being the debils work when discussing “current events”, the last piece of his efforts concerned the latest imports from China. Yes, occasionally they’ll deviate from the usual lunchtime talk of “what ya eating” or about the weather.

Usually her religious spiel is said in wonky-eyed-Henry‘s direction, who is a definite representative of “someone’s” sense of humour. Be it Gods, The Devils or Bubbha’s. Personally, I lean towards The God of all Hillbillies~Bubbha. I think that would be just his style yer know. Yes, I realise it’s kinda wrong to poke fun at the more unfortunates. But shit. They’re THERE. Now I know what they mean when they say America is the land of plenty. PLENTY of what I never knew. Til Now. HaHa. Okay I can see some may read that and be pursing their mouth and arse cheeks tight.

Just the other week [ in my mind] I was furiously beating him about the head and body with the Birds and Blooms issue he was “look at this!…Look At That”…ing at all of us clustered around the table. I like a person who can read something without having to include everyone else’s attention into it. Yes, just read quietly to yourself, I don’t even mind if yer lips move while you are doing so thankyouverymuch. Unless it’s really good, then you may share. It never is with Henry.

Thankfully in some rotations I only see him one or two days in the week.


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