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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Smootch My Snootch # 3...[I think]

Because I would haaate to have anyONE saay I was slipping in the Smootch My Snootch department I give you the following…[psst good to read you back Lady!]

To the stupid woman at the checkout who allowed her spawn to ding her in the head with a box of poptarts when she said he couldn’t have one. Not like he was walking out of the store with a brand new bicycle…then again it was like that. He was actually walking out of the store with a brand new bicycle. Red it was.

Which would have been the colour of my fucking face once I got dealing with THAT little ungrateful fuck. In my bloody daaay that woulda earned me an arsebeating to my BadGrannies State and back.

What did the Mom do, you ask?

I know some of yers did…others KNOW what she fuckingwell did.

AbSOOlutely bloody nothun.

I understand him not getting the beating…only because of the reportage of it and all that dealing with the CSI stuff, oh hang on, no I mean CPS stuff. But *insert redneck voice* Boiy I woulda thrown it under the next passing Chevy truck, or at least taken it back in and got my money back.It being the bike not the brat.

That stupid cow gets to pucker up and Smootch a big fat one on the magnificent all over, rather large black woman wearing the canary yellow strapless terry-towelling sundress at the Chinese Buffet place in Newport…[where we went for our 5th year anniversary dinner yesterday]...yes HER Snootch.

Yeah Smootch it StupidArse Mother of the Universe. You are bestowing on the rest of us a really really great gift. Another spoilt, fucked up human.

Yes. YaaaY to You!


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