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Sunday, July 22, 2007

What’s been going on with mah bad self?

Uhmm. We have chooks now. Admittedly not how the LittleFatBastid had envisioned his chooks would look and live like exactly. But we have them regardless. Twelve of them…haha might call them the Apostle Chooks. Although I don’t think we’ll have 12 for long as about 5 of them are roosters. And Yay Banties. A rooster and two hens. Lovely fawn colour to them.

Went down to help The LFB’s aunt Inez and uncle Russell clear out a storage garage yesterday. Woo. We know how to partay hearty huh. We thought it was their stuff, turns out most of the junk in there belonged to their daughter/son-in-law/grand-daughter…that / there designates three people not just the one person…thought I better clarify that beings as I’m in Kinfucky.

The clearing out soon turned into a yard sale.

Funny when I had the thought “Damn. Look at me. Here I am sitting out in a recliner [ a very nice and comfy one fer $15] on the footpath in countrytown America.

I so badly chided myself for forgetting my camera. Again. Could have got bloody pictures to go along with this…

Old black dude with the biggest bottom lip that I have seen so far in my travels come cycling up asking if the yellow bike was really “for free?”. A ten minute conversation ensued between him, Russell and the LFB about how free it was, “You mean I can just take it?”. He eventually, happily walked off between his green bike and new yellow Shwinn bike knowing that he wouldn’t be accused of “stealun it”. Apparently he was from the “Not Quite Right Home” up around the corner…meaning about four blocks away. I wondered what they thought when he come in with an extra bike. They’re probably used to it. He seemed a bike enthusiast.

Saw this one dome shaped bald headed dude, in his drooping bib n braces come shuffling across the railway tracks…I instantly thought of where he was residing. When he saw the crowd of us sprawled along the street he kinda stopped and hesitated, shading his eyes, as if determining whether to keep coming over towards us. He must have decided we were okay as he kept on coming. The LittleFatOne says “Look baby that’s me in fifteen years” and it may could be. Haha.

The lady along with her old farmer husband and tractor driving hatted son bought a lovely old dresser and mirror for $20. She had the most amazingly gravely voice I have ever heard on a four foot nothing woman. I second looked just to reassure myself she had breasts. Yeah I know that doesn’t mean nothing. But by the look of her husband he would have no truck with none of that.

The pot bellied woman in the white tank top and cut off shorts with four kids, one older girl and two girls in closer age, the youngest a boy Chad. I know his name because she was forever chiding him about touchun stuff. She actually started warning him when they were getting out of their truck. “Don’t you be touchun and breakun stuff when we get over there Chad” walked off with three kiddies videos tucked under their arms.

Had to suppress a small cackle at the capri jean shorted lady with the tummy who paid ten bucks for the AbMachineBed. Not at her buying it, but the sight of her laid out on it trying it out. I thought surely she would stop stretching when she felt the sun on her newly exposed white belly. Nope. More of it got in my eyes.

It’s kinda weird to be anywhere and think if I don’t open my mouth they think I’m one of them.


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