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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Having a FIGJAM! moment.

That's ahh Fuck! I’m Good Just Ask Me moment.

The pessimist in me was not expecting much out of PissPotPat at the July 4th Family Spectakulah. Usually the man is just downright rude and pretty much fucking insufferable. So what a pleasant I say, I say, a pleeaasant surprise that the dude was actually acting like a genuwhine human bean. I quite enjoyed his company. Amazing what moderating one’s drinks can do for some people. A vast improvement. All the family agreed. After they got over their gobsmack of it all.

I must say I was in fine form. Quite the ChattyCathy was I. The LittleFatBastids five foot nothing Aunt Inez told me to “just give me a huggh” and when I did she says “I just love yew to death”. Yes, she too is only human. Ha. I rock.

I was a tad disappointed though. We had five Hillbillie men down the hill, a coupla hundred dollars worth of fireworks and not one mishap was to be had. We’re not counting the one that fell over and shot it’s flaming ball at the soon to be chookhouse. No damage incurred. Apparently last year it was like a scene out of StarWars. Unintentionally the LittleFatBastid and his Dad Claude had a light sabre battle. A firework fell over and had shot at Claude, he thought the FatBastidOne did it on purpose so the next one he lit up he pointed it in the BastidOne’s direction. Yeah I have mentioned Ol’ Claude ain’t wrapt too tight eh.

In between my LaundryandGoodHouseKeepingBitch role and amusing the extended family, I’ve been alternating between gardening and gourd painting. Now, I dunno about you, but there are times I just amaze myself at just how bloody clever I am. Usually I’m used to my greatness yerknow. HaHa. In the process of painting up a Lolly Jar disguised as a FatLadyBather. Inez supplied me with the gourds and my brain hasn’t stopped buzzing with ideas since.

Seeee, that’s what the good old smoko does fer me. I’ve got ideas coming out of my arsehole.

I am too good.

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