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Friday, June 30, 2006

I believe most people we meet leave a fingerprint on us...

I am sometimes considered to be too blunt. The only thing that saves me is my facial expressions. I generally like people. I just don’t want them as friends. I always felt ripped off when starting a friendship dance then discovering that that person has seeped into being a total drama queen. Nobody likes a drama queen unless they can *twirl and pirouette* and be funny about it.

Strange the different levels of drama queendom.

There was this casual staff member Diane who was a total pain in the arse concerning her work ethics. A very attractive, personable girl who possessed the ability to be pretty good at whatever we trained her in. Poker machines, bar work, reception, cashier. She picked it all up quickly. Was only after we wasted time, dollars and effort on her that she became the person where “everything” happened to her.

She operated a few ways in bailing out of her assigned shifts.

Either it would be wanting to go home because she was sick halfway through a Friday nights trade, when you couldn’t get a replacement. Eventually you’d allow it just so that you didn’t rip her a new hole, saying something you’d later have to answer to in a meeting with the union delegate.

Or she’d ring you up an hour after you’d jammed her message bank asking where she was, she’d then plead an “interference” that prevented her from making it to work. Other staff were always bitching about having to work alongside her, especially on the flat-chat nights.

Arriving at work one night having had Diane not turn up for one shift and go home early the next night. I realised how shitty I was about it when approached by the dayshift manager with a “What about poor Di??” my reply was a snarled “Oh what the fucks happened to her NOW”. Turned out he was talking about Princess Di who had just died hours before in that car crash.

Last I heard, Diane was hitting a tunnel of her own. The tunnel of drugs. Heroin. Sad.
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