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Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'll be *with eyes and body bits crossed* free of Oldies...

tomorrow after 11am. Yep as long as my volunteer turns up I will be waving them off on the short bus heading up to Texas [that would be our Texas, yes]...I love Bus Trip day. Even have the idea where I'll be packing them off to on next months trip. I gave up "coming" up with their outings a few months into the job. I make them decide where they're going, that way if it's shithouse they can't bitch at me for it. Heh.

Haven't really done much this lot of days off...like when do I ever really. Had the brother over tickled his tastebuds with the chilli wraps he in turn tickled me with another bag of hydro. Done some washing, had a couple of showers, watched some tapes, read some book, went up the street once.

Where I was told by Min one of the store owners that they are definitely closing their doors. When asked if the post office would remain she replied that she "dunno, depends if they are allowed to keep it". Seems like the bank is forcing their hand now from what my brother was told by her husband Den. I'm glad it was Min that told me...Den's wobbling trembling chin would have most likely annoyed me therefore diminishing my sympathy for them further. The other shop owner Lou will be loving all this happening, hate to think what she will over-charge now. With any luck it will be bought to re-open as another more competitive shop...like a "chain name" little town supermarket.

Woo game on soon...well in another ten or so hours. Think I may need to get a nap in between now and then. I love naps. Just what the body and mind needs at times. I like to take those little micro-naps [in between the conversations in my head]when in monthly meetings.
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