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Friday, June 23, 2006

That's bullshit...

I blocked a blog "permanantly" in the one continual session of surfing on BlogMad and yet here it is again...and here's another one straight after that other one. Bah.

I awoke at 5.51 this morning. WTF is wrong with me. eek I better not be turning into a morning person. I might start to be all chipper like, and we can’t be having that. Oh. No. We. Cain’t. Thankfully I only was awake long enough to turn off the lights that I’d left on the night before. But still, re-awaking and getting up at 7.44am is still not so good either.

So to assuage my fear I had a scoob at about 9am. heh.

Having my brother over for that meal tonight. Was going to give him a plate of spag bol but on his return message he whined “aww do we have to have spaghetti”...yes you do, you fucker, I’m the cook and you’ll eat what yer given...naah I’ll do the chilli mince wraps instead WITH the BBQ sauce squirted on the sour cream.

eek...I just made a coffee and when removing the milk from the fridge door I realised, piss I might have to go down the street later to buy some more. That is if I can find the enthusiasm to deal with not only a shower first but then them outside people. Hmmm will see how that goes...will work myself up to it in stages I think. After all it’s only just after 10am now 11am...still got plenty of daytime left.

Old Suzi aka Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days had more repeat playing last night. I love that...when you buy a cd and you pretty much like the WHOLE thing. For those unknowing and after reading the bio inside the cd cover [and your comments...besides kevin and Nancy] seems Suzi wasn’t as big in the states as she was over here, so that explains most of you not knowing who the fuck I was talking about...But yes as a wee nipper I was shaking my booty [before it indeed be known as being a booty] grooving and singing along to “48 crash”, “can the can” much like I was doing again last night...maan I’m a good dancer.

Rang the little Fat Bastid yesterday. Got the verbal updates on his pond building and landscaping project that he has undertaken at his mom’s house.

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The latest lesson that he learned was on an excursion to the plant nursery. Never stick yer snout into a pretty flowered bloom...some have fine but sharp prickles in them. Yep the LFB got bit on the nose by a flower. Heh I am picturing him standing there bitching and removing the prickles.

Whilst visiting this same nursery earlier in the week he had some little old lady poking him in the back with her knobby bony fingers. The first couple of times that he felt this poking he just thought it was the various plant fonds leaning out and touching him. Til it happened a few times in a row. He turned around and here is this little old hillbillie granny crone about a foot away with gnarly fingers out-stretched... “aw honey I’m just picking the butterflys off’n you”.

Turns out my husband the little hillbillie goat gruff is a butterfly magnet. He was sitting outside looking at his pond discussing the next stage of the work with Maude his mom, when a horde of them fluttered down and settled upon him. Only him.

Hmmm. Has poodles and fragile, gentle butterflies adore him. Shew if he ain’t a oxymoron in redneckedness.
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