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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Damn you!...

“I’m blind...I’m deaf...I wanna be a Spanish soccah ref. I’m blind...I’m deaf...I wanna be a Spanish soccah ref”...heard that this morning and I can’t stop jingling it in my head...it’s quite catchy huh. Alrightee then when is the next World Cup? Is it every four years? Least I might be able to get some sleep now. Is the Ukraine the underdogs now? All these questions.

Had to walk the gauntlet of Friar-Fuck and two of his cohorts [one was The Bearded Clam the other unknown thus unnamed by me] this morning. They were out on the front veranda drinking coffee, smoking and talking. I tried to pass on through, ignoring them and hopefully they me. Got just inside the complex when the newer fat guy sung out a cheery hello...aww crap don’t fucking hello me I don’t need to know you...I returned his greeting but just as I was into the ending of it. Friar-Fuck said hello. I just ignored him...not like I needed to say hello twice eh. Sure hope they got my “Dear New Neighbour” letter pinned up somewhere for newcomers to read.

Taking two clients up to the doctor at -->Texas<-- on Thursday, one of them is a WW2 Vet the other is a lady of about 60. He’s a lovely old bloke, he has them twinkly wrinkly eyes. Still spry as, in his mind just the bones are getting old. Better strap him in good sure hate to rattle them bones when taking the corners. Think I will pick him up first, that way he can share the front space with me. If he chitter chats too much I’ll just pull over ordering Mister Chatter Guts into the back seat with the giggling silently Shari. Ahhh it’ll be fun.

Will you just look at what a pitiful thing I am eh. Thinking it will be fun to go on a road trip with people that are up to 50 years older than me. The Little Fat Bastid said I’d start to like and become like them if I was around them long enough. Naturally I chased him with a strap-on demanding he take that baaack! But really I have always liked old people...they find it hard to chase you down when you give ‘em a bit of cheek or when stealing their handbags...heh.

But seriously, I love making them old people cackle...they always do when I say “hold on tah ya bloomers Grannies” and gun The Blue Hornet [my ‘81 Toyota] they know full well we ain’t going nowhere near nought to forty in sixty seconds flat. I had to laugh at a conversation going on in my backseat this morning, between Wrennie and crusty but nice old Perle.

They were discussing 5 cent pieces and the saving/using of them. Wrennie mentioned their use in the collection plate to which Perle said that was rude, to give the church a donation made up in 5 cent pieces. Don’t think that I didn’t quip at her when her $1 paid consisted of six 5 cent pieces...“Ohh I see how you are...not good enough for yer church but good enough for me eh”.

Look out Eh...I might be working with Your oldies when I get to the States.
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