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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Is it only me?

Who finds that the BlogCharm blogs take for aaages to load up?

I am beginning to think I must have the gum tree that is known in the birdhood as the tree to come to when you want to have a fight. I have about five green ones that are full on bitching at each, then they start chasing each other through the foliage. Crashing tree litter and dead branches down onto my washing and nearly my head. The size of some of the other birds that frequent helps to explain the size of some of the shits that are drizzled down my washing while I’m at work. Sneaky bastid birds.

Fuckmonkeys cut nearly every other mother loving tree down around here a while back. Granted now that its winter, it do let in lots more lovely early morning sunshine. But not the huge thick gum that hangs up and over my bloody clothesline and more so over my flat. Yep one that has the possibility of creating much damage remains standing yet the six or so out the front got the chop. Although I do love this tree...it’s typically Australian. Hmmm I wonder if I can move that clothesline instead...sure to be frigging cemented in.

On these lot of days off, I must, I must improve my bust finish off my claim for my use of my car through work. So far I am up to over three hundred kilometres...yeaah that’s my you beaut digital camera money. Hee. I am getting a wee bit exciiiited. You watch, I’ll get that stinking camera and The Blue Hornet will become sick...therefore curtailing my photo taking opportunities. Never mind, I’ll still get plenty of Friar-Fuck [F-F], The Bearded Clam Man and others around me.

So F-F. He just left the complex after packing his vehicle. Goooood he’ll be gone over my days off. I notice he is pretty chatty with Doug. This is good...that way Sally and more importantly moi [ha] finds out stuff about him without actually having to talk to the sleazebucket. Just because Doug is a big mouthed bitch. heh I like Doug. Tomorrow all I have to do is waylay him at the mailboxes and I will know all.

Maan I feel like I am in a twilight zone of sorts...mixed in with groundhog days. Big Audrey just drove in and bipped her horn for Doug to come out and talk to her whilst she remains car-bitch. I’m sure she did that just last week. Speaking of Big Audrey I finally saw her daughter close up today for the second time in the three years I have lived here...[shew I am somewhat successful in avoiding people huh]...Hmmm two of them closeups in the one day would be one time too many. She is a girl that looks as simple as she speaks and acts. That is not said in a mean, well not completely mean way...The LFB used to refer to her as the Goonie Goo Goo [GGG] from Eddie Murphy‘s act. But we never said the LFB was as nice as me did we so we can forgive him for being so funnily mean.

My sister knew/knows her better, she visited with her a couple of times. Until she was turned off by the way that the GGG speaks to her many children. They are forever adding a room onto their home accommodating the next body born. Now that the baby bonus is due to go up to $4000 in a few days I reckon she may just fall pregnant again. Wonder if the TAB would be taking bets on that happening.
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