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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Being a firm believer of...

If you feel good in the first place everything else is bloody rosier in life. I will be going on a campaign of...of...smoking myself silly in my time off until the end of the month. hee. well, roughly the end...two more weekends time. But, before I do that I better check if my brother still has some hydro left. Yesss that would be wise. Otherwise I will have to decide whether to eke it out...or scarf into it all in the one weekend. Decisions, decisions.

Off to the next big town over tomorrow. Got me some shoppun to do. For the day centre craft cupboard AND my office. Woot. I adore office supply shops. Usually its the one for me at home two for me at the office dealio whilst shopping in them. Other times I just borrow the office stuff to test out my need/want for them...Ooer now what can I "bind" with this and ohhh I looove laminating stuff.

I do believe I will have to try and go back the following week to do some more shopping. Gotta spend the funds, for the financial year. It's kinda like Christmas and I'm the Santa. Buying stuff for the oldies. Think I'll buy some more card games like Uno and Phase 10 and Trivial Pursuit. Can't be too easy nor too hard so perhaps the kids version. If its too hard they just all get snippy about it and refuse to play then.

Still no oven. Even left my keys with Doug yesterday in case the electrician came back while I was at my monthly meeting. Loook at me...that's the second one running I been to. But really, I think the "haven't seen youuuu fooor aaages" remark from the Dementia Coordinator was slightly uncalled for. So naturally when she was reading her long fucking winded two page report I heckled her underneath my breath..."aw c'mon move it along verbal diarrhoea arse".

She was sitting beside me...so perhaps she heard me. But I doubt it...too busy going off on yet another tangent while reading her report.

Fuck me. Just read what you typed. Look! I read it along with you and I'm done reading it already. STFU. If I hear the word "participant" stumbled over one more time I will slap you stoopider until you stop using it. I mean give up on that and use the word "client" instead. It’s easier just like most five erm SIX letter words are. For fucks sake you only have four *holds up fingers* clients at your daycare...and they sleep half the day away. You know if you stopped inserting uhm and er in between every two sentences this would have finished 15 mo-foing minutes ago.

Guess who remembered their wedding anniversary. Yep MEEEEE. That I did this remembering a day later over here is but a mere technicality because it was still the 19th there. So my offlines to the Little Fat Bastido one, were still valid. For the first couple of years I always thought it was the 21st.
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