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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Like a priest locked in the confessional box with a choirboy I was.

$112 bucks later I was sated...think it was the five pack of post-its in fluoro colours that did it. I did real good with my office supplies obsession and managed to leave everything up at the office although I did steal borrow a pen. Usually I bring everything home with me just so I can gaze and fondle it all. Hmmm Office Supplies Anon...wonder if there is such a thing.

Oh, oh and I got a free bag of jellybeans because I bought five things by the same brand. bonus.

Had to drop into my bosses office. The question was asked if my pay was up to scale...couldn't tell her, so she is going to check with the new bookkeeper that I am being paid my third-year rate. Funny, she also mentioned [again I may add] the 3% increase to our award wage starting in July.

And wooo guess what CD I scored for $20 bucks baybee. heh soon as I saw it...I was seven again and bopping along to my friend Lenore's older sisters record collection. "Soo come alive...yeaah!, come alive...yeaah! down in devil gate drive" How cool was that. SCOOORED. Anybody not having a clue of who I am talking about...please ignore this part of my post. Go on ignore it...*poke*. It's the funky piano work that gets me, all the time. This is the second time that Friar-Fuck has heard it. So far.

With nose pressed and fingers stroking the locked glass cabinet holding the digital cameras in Target. I now have a better idea of what I really want and how much it may cost. Definitely a known brand...Soon my Pretty, Soon I coo-ed until I was distracted away by Mardge.

Rang and left a message with my brother inviting him for tea either tomorrow night or Saturday...his choice. I have the heathen child tonight, so thinking a stir fry with rice. Was hoping for pizza but we know how that goes. heh FUCKERS!...but really that's okay, the pizza sauce god of wrath will repay them later down the track. I have faith in him doing so.

After digging out the free jellybeans I am somewhat disappointed they are those bloody "natural" 99% fat free ones...which now after eating a handful isn't so bad...not fussed on the black ones. Which makes a lie of that saying once you've had black you never go back. Ohh okay so they weren't meaning anything with regard to jellybeans.

Prepare for the THIRD playing of the same CD Friar-Fucker.
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