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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Electricians, Fat Audrey and Soccer.

Not bad...not bad at all. Friendly enough and we bonded with our talk on "sport"...Nice to yap with someone who knew what I was talking about. Better still that he was okay in looks [did I say that already] He has to come back to fix my oven. He will return this afternoon he reckons. Said it was total bullshit that I was without my oven for this long..."I knooow, tell me about it being bullshit". Turns out that he disputes Nincompoop Nicks excuses on why my oven was not fixed before now.

Tried to talk him into relaying our power supply to run off Friar-Fucks meter. "Now Shanon I can't do that"...“Well, yes you can, you have the power to do so". Dammit an electrician with integrity, he couldn't be threatened swayed. I believe I will be getting his number, well his bosses anyway. Good service deserves word of mouth touting.

I set the alarm for 2am this morning. Turns out I was tricking myself thinking I would wake up for the next soccer game. I did wake at 1.45am to see the Australia vs Brasil graphics displayed on the tele, turned off the alarm, I was up and didn't need to be hearing its chipper "good morning" sung to me...then *horrors* I feel back asleep before the game even started. Yep I'm a good supporter eh. Oh well appears they lost anyway but still supposedly in with a chance if they beat or even draw with Croatia later on.

It appears that I was hungry enough to eat the crotch out of a pair of crotch-less knickers yesterday. Seems to be the way when I stop with the bleeding. Maan all I did was eat...had two jam filled donuty things that pass muster with the tastebuds. hee I still have another fourteen left. Frozen they be. Two, yes TWO...chinese beef sautéed steak sangas with fried onion and tomato sauce. Then later on I cooked up some chilli mince and put it on a bed of shredded lettuce, diced onion and tomato all heavily peppered, topped with grated cheese and sour cream all enveloped with a sour creamed spread burrito wrap.

Audrey just pulled into the complex to beep her horn at her brother Doug. I have never seen this lady without her being in her car. That is until the other day, when I passed by her house while she was heading for the Audreymobile. To me she doesn't really seem that big but she must be, because wherever she visits she remains chatting from her car. She can be parked in the driveway of her daughters for hours every day. They all sit around the front of the house in lawn chairs conversing with a car sitting Audrey. Which is kinda funny looking when you think about it. She is my first vehicle shut-in. Okay tick that off my list of sights to have seen.

That would really suck not being able to get about bodily. I hope my knees are in good working order later in life. I better stop kicking people now maybe...or just not put in as much effort into the kicks. hmmm.

I’m off for a shower...hoping there is enough saved hot water in the system.
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