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Sunday, June 18, 2006


My hair is looking mighty fine. Honestly I must give good dye and highlight headjobs.

So I better lay off the scoobs now. Before I think I’m better than what I really am. Heh.

Okay I just checked up on when I first mentioned my oven to Nincompoop Nick the real estate/church deacon. May the thirteenth blogpeople...five bloody weeks ago. I swear, I reckon Jesus would stone him, if he knew. That is just way too long to be without a homemade pizza.

Still hopeful that I will be reunited with pizza tonight!!

lah lah lah later on...

Okay. No pizza, it’s now 7pm and I don’t reckon he is coming back now [he ohhh lied to me...losing a brownie point for that he does]...but I did improve on my chilli minced wraps by adding BBQ sauce to the dollops of sour cream on the cheese.

Whoa...that is reaaally good.
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