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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Nyeaah feel my pizzah crust and suck on my pizzah sauce!

Well not yet with the actual making or cooking of the pizza. But soon. Very soon, like perhaps tomorrow night when I'm with heathen child.

I asked the yaaayovenbloke if he had a set of keys to my flat. He said no he asked his boss the same thing on their way out. Boss was just hoping I'd be home. Lucky huh. I told him I woulda been pretty pissy if I wasn't here and had to wait another few weeks for my stove to work. While he was here I mentioned my kitchen exhaust not working and also that my heater goes on and off when in use. I need a heater bloke to check that out he told me. So here goes a few weeks waiting for that to happen eh. Fuck. Winter will be over and I'll just be more bitter and twisted with it.

Had a drop-in from the newer Development Officer for my region today. She seemed okay, will wait and see. I knew of her name but as I told her not really big on the networking blah blah. You know when someone seems to be at pains to tell you just how they are one of "tha boys" makes you a bit twitchy...plus that "did she just say fuck, I know I heard it the second time correctly" thought in my head. Think she just likes to yabber but in the same way I can see the enthusiasm she has for her position...which in itself is all good. I was pretty quick to let her know not to waste it on me as I was out of there soon. But until then she can bend my ear once a month or two. Maybe.

Off yonder shopping tonight. Which in turn means cheeeseburgaaah regardless whether I behave or not during the night I still get that. I like being a grown-up.

Funny. I did the below a few days back just never posted it. Chatty and Kevin remembered me...

AND let this be a warning to yers!...If you start wearing bumsuckers early on in life there is a mighty good chance that you too will look as *cough* good as this bloke when yer old and wrinkly...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Look at ’im...having the pervy thoughts as he watches that young Aussie bikini topped mum...then his next thought was probably...damn is that woman taking my picture.

Why yes, yes I was.

But really...Oi, Grandad. Stop wearing bumsuckers...they hardly ever look good on a bloke whatever the age. Plus you run the risk of it being posted on the internet a few years later.

**sincere apologies if he belongs to you**
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