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Saturday, June 17, 2006

While surfing...

I discovered that I really shouldn’t wipe my spit onto a tissue to clean my monitor with. The smears show up distractedly and clearly when the black backgrounded blogs come up. Luckily it’s my spit or I’d be getting all germyphobic about it.

My heater continues with it’s shitty attitude. This is the second time I have had to relight it so far tonight. Should get an average length of 30 minutes before it goes out on me. Then after the third go I get the shits and just leave it off. Was telling the Good Dick about it, he reached over to flip the lid on the control when it leapt out and bit him with an electric shock. Fuck I laughed. In fact I couldn’t stop laughing, even now I am hearing the zztt of it and seeing the Good Dick snapping back his hand right quick.

There’s just something about witnessing a person getting a zap that is too bloody funny. When we had the goats in Kentucky we had their outside enclosure run with electric fencing. I dunno how many times you’d hear a kid squeal because they forgot what it was...“Oops someone got a zap”.

After many months I was somewhat boastful that I was the only one it hadn’t got.


Got me a beauty.

All I remember is going to say “goodnight you stoopid goats” then laying my hands up on the top rung of their night enclosures wooden fence...my head snapped back so far onto my spine. The thing was I knew what was happening within a second or two but it took the rest of my body a few more minutes for the thought to travel down to actually remove the offending limbs from the top of the enclosure.

The Little Fat Bastid unbeknownst to me had run a strand of wire along that rung and I had a hold of it with both hands...he had added it, trying to keep JD from climbing out at night. Little bastids the pair of them. Thankfully nobody witnessed my initiation...so I didn’t have to deal with laughter whilst coming to terms with my [heh] near-death experience.

At dinner that night I relayed it to the other three...it was agreed, mine topped their little get togethers with the electrified wire.

Ahhhh happy memories.
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