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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sitting here wondering...

What caught my attention that caused me to be only half dressed today. Not half dressed as in half naked. I have my flannelette pyjamas bottoms on and I only just noticed this. Since its after one pm now, think I’ll stay in them til my shower tonight.

It’s a cold grey day today. The kind of day that I wish I had the Little Fat Bastid here with me. Mainly to “make mah coffee bitch. now!” and play at dinner bitch later on. This kind of sucks having to do everything for yourself. I don’t entirely recommend it.

Although it do be concerning me, that after living alone for so long I will find it a task to get used to living with another. In fact several others when you count the rest of the hillbilly family in the parental home. We’ll be living there until we can afford a down payment for a place of our own. I am prepared to work two three jobs to hasten the end of this living arrangement.

As much as I am a people person just like the next Catweasel I do believe I can only survive a year living like that, with them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good people and I really do like them. My step-father-in-law Claude is as loud in his actions as he is in his voice. Slams doors, stomps when he walks, bellows and constantly repeats the same thought. Aloud. To. You.

One of the poodles [huh. poodles] is so scared of his loud manner. Soon as she hears the basement door bang open and shut, bolts for a bedroom, skittering beneath the bed. He’s noisy because he is half deaf and refuses to wear his hearing aids. Strong as an ox but dumb as a bunch of rocks. But before you think he is a complete walk over, if he gets his mind set on something he can be stubborn as a mule, especially when it comes to money.

Maude the mom-in-law is this five foot nothing doesn’t know a stranger type of person. When we pulled up in their driveway, my first time being there. I was pounced on by this moppet who assaulted me with a midget bear hug then dragged me off inside the house to introduce me to the neighbours she so thoughtfully phoned up to meet and greet me there. You don’t want to get on Maude's “evil” side as they all call it. You piss her off. You run the risk of her, weeks or months later, either hiding your stuff or tossing it out. Can you see why I like her?

Yep, that’s my paw and maw-in-law Claude and Maude. Yeehaaw.

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aaand here's Claude

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