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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sooo the big day has arrived...

It's Mardi Gras time. Funnily enough the rain decided to make an appearance today also. We haven't seen it or smelt it for a while. I can imagine the organisers scuttling about this morning trying to arrange tents and stuff. Hasn't deterred the planes flying in...counted six of them so far, supposed to be forty or so of them over the day. Tho I doubt the "scenic flights" will be a money earner...all you'd be seeing for forty bucks is rain, I can see that from where I sit. It's a shame for their fundraising tho...upside of the rain is, it has help drown out miss-look-at-me-ain't-I-the-bestest on the public address system. Heh. Now if only a lightening bolt would zzztt her off the stage, reckon I'd hear a few cheers and hallelujahs then.

Still no word on my oven being fixed. Just hearing an ad for the real estate office reminded me of them slackers. I read in the local paper a week or so back, that the male is a deacon at his church. So that explains a lot. Perhaps I can fake up a letter from the pizza god telling him to get my oven bloody fixed.

Been surfing blogmad lately, noticed some changes one being able to "block this site permanantly" [their spelling not mine] tho it isn't reaaally permanent going by the blogs that I've been re-surfing into today. Maybe they need to put "block this site permanantly but just for this session" instead.

Hmm I can feel the pull of a toasted sanga.


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