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Thursday, June 15, 2006

I lost the shopping game...

although I was hobbled by having not been shopping for a month and my sister not having as much on her list...plus all the shelves of goodies drew my attention to inspect and sometimes to fondle...like the banana's, until I looked at the price. eek $11 bucks a kg...you'd only like get two or three of them. Managed to snag a few of my necessities that were on yaay special...laundry liquid...shampoo and conditioner...toothbrushes.

Sometimes this is the thing when I go shopping...my thoughts spill out my mouth. Told the person behind me in the checkout to "Quit touching my stuff, Lady" as she was pushing it up the moving belt. As I was saying it I could see the peripheral visioned heads in the checkout line beside me, whip around at the sound of my voice. Funny. Which is how I meant it to be, luckily it was taken that way also...'cause that lady woulda been able to whoop my arse.

What I do like about night time shopping, besides it being less crowded, is watching the cashiers. I was served by a Granny at Coles...never seen her before but she seemed to know what she was doing so maybe she has come out of retirement. Kudo's to her if it‘s due to wanting to and Boo’s to the government if it’s due to needing to.

One thing I do notice about the cashiers between the two supermarkets. The second one has more 'talkative" cashiers. Now generally I prefer my cashiers like my hairdressers...quietly going about getting the job done. The second cashier was sick. Going by her coughing and her telling me she was sick. Two times she told me that. Punctuated by the fisted three cough. Guess she wanted a medal or something..."STFU up and scan my stuff beeotch"...I managed to keep that thought to myself. Even tho I reckon I could have outran her.

Buys of the night...two packets of incense although I am querying the sensuality flavoured one...it’s kinda wiffy. Two red toffee apples...maaan I haven’t had one of those for years. Oh and the best buy...technically not really a buy as I didn’t actually pay for them, going by the docket when I looked at it a day later. Two caramel Aero bars.

Whoa, it seems I am an unintentional shoplifter now. I feel like such a Winona.

My heater is playing funny buggers with me...either that or the poltergeist I have living with me gets too hot and turns the bloody thing off. I know it can’t be running out of gas...unless the Gasboy Jeffy ripped me off and sold me an empty bottle...will go pull on it later to gauge it’s heavyness.

It can’t be karma for the caramel/chocolate bars as it started doing it the night before.

Oops there goes the washing machine finishing...must go hang stuff. With my neeeew pegs. Yes shut up, sometimes it’s the small stuff that makes me happy.
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