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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oh great...

Dickhead over the back is getting his groove on with a stockwhip...I would laugh. very. bloody heartily if I heard the whip crack proceeded by a howl of pain. Perhaps if I start mewling and groaning after each crack he may get embarrassed and knock that shit off. Fucking man of snowy river reject that he is. But isn't THAT just typical. Finally get one neighbour behaving...[Well so far he is, I just know it's because he is scared of getting that "Bad Neighbour" certificate. Heh]...Therefore one of the others must start misbehaving. It's the "Law of Bad Fucking Neighbours" I guess.

So here it be Wednesday eh.

I went to work today. Just how good am I. I will tell you...I am very, very good. Even had the bonus of remembering I didn't have to do the meal run. Woo. Plus I realised that I still have until the end of July to do all my work stats for the funding body of my programs. For some reason I kept thinking it had to be done by the end of this month. Still, I made a start on them anyway. Woo me, certainly improved on my day by doing all this "remembering" I tell ya..

Called in and saw the sister-in-law. For a few reasons. To dump a bag of food scraps for the chookies and to purr up Ted the cat and punch Asif the dog in the head. Stoopid pets. I like their pets. Especially when I can leave them there. Asif always tries to climb me when I am climbing/stepping over their gate on exit and entry. If I didn't know better I would say she was a lesbian dog. But I guess she really is just happy to see me.

The main reason for the visit, I picked up a couple of scoobs worth...I'm justifying the smoking of them in honour of the Queenies birthday this Monday. YaaY to the old tart Lizzie. Please prepare yourself to ignore my numerous posts over the weekend just because "I'm soo happy". Or don't be concerned if you hear nothing from me. Just imagine me zonked out on the lounge...and be happy for me. Heh. And better still!! they are free scoobs because my brother didn't have enough...can't beat that.

Ou...I've decided to make fritters for tea. Fried up patties of shredded potato, carrot and cheese. With diced onion and ham in a seasoned batter. Daamn. I know you wish you were me tonight. I finally cashed in my various scratchy tickets this morning...$11 and four free tickets. Bastard lotto didn't win me anything tho.

The mardi gras is on this weekend. I still have no plans to visit it. But at least I might be free from visitors beings as most of the town will turn out for it. They lost my interest when I found out it wasn't a mardi gras of proud lesos and poofs. Heard on the news this morning that Little Johnny Howard is scrapping the law of allowing gay civil unions in the ACT [Australian Capital Territory]..."The ACT parliament voted just three weeks ago to allow gay couples to enter into a civil union, with almost the same status as marriage"...makes me wonder how many were able to marry in those three weeks and what becomes of their "Civil Union" certificate. But it's not over yet...it's being taken to the Governor General. Bloody Johnnie's been hanging around with crap company.

Alright gotta go, the Little Fat Bastid just come online. Wheee.
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