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Friday, June 16, 2006

Did the home dye job last night...

can never get the highlights like the hairdresser does huh. Guess that’s why I would pay them $120 bucks to do their stuff. Rip-off bastids. Checked out the newer hairdresser and her costs, roughly the same as the one I know and have used.

I love how they always colour the hair first then cut it...then they can charge for long hair. Now really it’s probably something to do with “hair’ and it’s complexities that they do it this way...so please, no hate mail from sensitive hairdressers.

Although I am a tad leery of them with their control of that big hair dryer that sits on you. I believe it must be a head sauna and the water they put in that sucker is for the tiny heating rocks. Both times that I have been there I have had to reef my head out from beneath it. I am sure it was melting my scalp.

I’m the type of person that hates making a scene [no. really]...because people look at you then. I especially hate people looking at me in a hairdressing salon. So the first time it happened I held off removing my head...it was almost like a challenge...“you can do this grasshoppah”.

But then I started to think hmmm maybe it isn’t the actual heat but maybe its like a chemical burn happening up there. That got me ducking out right quick...to check in the big arsed mirror that my head wasn’t bubbling and popping away. My abruptness caught the “sweep my hair up” bitch's eye...so much so that besides asking if I wanted a cup of tea or coffee she asked if I was okay.

The second time I was aware of it’s danger...so I pretended to sit up straight when they placed it around my head, which left slumping room to get away from it when it became too unbearable.

Always have a plan. Even at the hairdressers.
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