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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I do believe I was...

the only one in this town to have stuck it out watching the game Monday night. Even Jeffy the Gasboy [heehee I have gas. Both kinds...ha!] went to bed half way through it. Commiserated with one of me old tarts she went to bed just 15 minutes before the end.

So guess where I am?

Yeah, it's Wednesday and I'm at home...tho officially in 30 minutes I'm allowed to be. I did have every intention of going to work and all. Alas womanhood duties forced itself upon me...I'm currently bleeding like a stuck pig and I'm just going with tha flow. Okay I couldn't NOT say it could I.

Funny that LFB always used to say I was much nicer in these time of the months. It was the twenty odd days leading up to the cycle was where the tiptoeing was needed. He is SUCH a big fat LIAR. I'm a good-natured person all most of the time. People just don't know how to take me, sometimes.

And that's okay, not everybody is supposed to "get" everyone else.

As I was saying.

Me = Good Natured.
Me + Shopping = Good Fun...usually.
Me + Shopping + Period = ??

Yes, that's right I am going shopping later this evening. I do enjoy my shopping trips with my little sister. It's like our "special" time. Awwww. Sometimes we have races in who can get their shopping done first. With the victor parked on the customer-done-shopping-waiting-bench dias, victoriously scanning the checkouts for the LOSER! Then catch said loser’s eye to make ner ner faces at or the snarly I don’t care face...depending which side of the cashier you’re on.

This is where other shoppers think we have facial tics and Tourette's.

Tonight if I win...I reckon I might do a victory lap. A small lap, with arms raised high in a silent scream...Obviously I am still “pumped” about the win.

I have to admit. I quite enjoy having to wait in the checkout lines. Gives me a birds-eye view to people watch. The only crummy thing is I can’t do it under the cover of sunglasses...because unless you have the seeing eye dog or at least the snap out cane to match...that’s just looks, not really cool dude.

I am feeling decidedly almost skinny today. Dunno why, but I am. But that got me to thinking...yep thinking. I am going to *think* myself slimmer. Yep you heard me. I felt my belly tightening as I typed that. Whoa. Well at least I’ll think it until I get that ooer-drool-cheeseburger in my gob...[Now, I was gunna translate “gob” there but I figure you yanks would get that by the *drool*]...Or hmmm is that just hunger pangs...nope its me werkin me musckles. I reckon I can do a belly contraction along with me fanny [the aussie meaning] pelvic floor muscles workout.

Soon as a song comes on the radio think I’ll get a rhythm going.

Heh. Now there’s a visual for yers. Enjoy it eh.

Ohh prime song... “I’m to cool for schooool”

*Chairdances instead*
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