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Monday, June 12, 2006

Being the considerate person...

that I so obviously am cursed with being. I sit here with no heat. Why am I sitting here with no heat I hear you's ask. Yes, I heard yers.

Today is the Queens birthday, ordinarily I don't give a rats arse about dear Lizzie...but being it's her "birthday" [although it isn't reaally her birthday, so the lying cow gets no bloody card from me] we here get it as a public holiday. Joy.

Not wanting to disturb the bloke that delivers the gas bottles in town from his queen induced celebrations with his family, I instead honourably opt not to ring him at home. Even when his mum suggested that I do.

"Naah Maxie, it'll wait til he's back at work tomorrow"
"Okay dahlun"

Stupid. Stupid. Me.

I have resorted to jumping around pretending I'm a rock-star albeit a heavily clothed one every ten minutes or so. So if your monitor starts shaking it is only I doing my pretty fly for a white guy girl routine.

I would start baking something in my oven to generate some heat...like you know, if it had been fixed by that real estate agent nincompoop Nick. May a overly well endowed choir boy bend you over and pump you in the arse Nick, may you like it, may the congregation find out that you like it, therefore losing your deaconship status. Fucker.

If I thought I could safely remain on the water heater I would climb that sucker and plant the old browneye atop the heating rubbery tube but as that part is the circumference of ohhh a clenched babies fist that would be kinda pointless.

Thank buggery it isn't as cold as last night...or I'd really be whining.
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