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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I felt the reality of hot pee last night...

Nooo I didn't wet myself, well not counting the slight spurt that happened when I leapt off my lounge slash bed yelling, all fanatical like when Tim Cahill kicked the first of his two goals in last nights game between Australia and Japan. But more on that later...oh shut up and hang about anyway aye, not often I get excited about soccer, oh alright football.

Anyway, yes, back to the pee.

Being a bit on the cold side last night I really noticed it when I had to do a wee. I saw a wisp of steam but I think that came from my mouth when I was bitching about it being..."buggerit it's cold in here...hurry up and go, dammit" which turned out to be a slight problem. That whole deal where my bladder shrivels up refusing to release its stream, what I imagine urinal stage fright to be like. Spending a few minutes trying to coax it out by picturing the sun shining down on me...I convinced myself I wasn't freezing my heavily rugged up tits off and I was able to go. That's when I noticed how warm my pee was. Weird but strangely comforting I may add.

Japan scored a controversial goal twenty odd minutes into the game. Heyyy you're not supposed to barge our goalkeeper out of the way you little bastid. Fast forward to the eighty fourth minute of a ninety minute [regulation] game when not one, not two, but three goals changed the face of our World Cup History.

You tha BOYS.

You're the Legend
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