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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well Dammit...

Fuck that irks me at times. Stupid fucking blogs that jam me up so that I have to do that control-alt-delete dealio. Man that might be why people don't come to your site more than once. You dumb fucks...

But seriously that is bloody annoying. Nearly as much as, clicking on a blog getting partway through reading it and a fucking big old page comes up wanting me to win a fucking television. What's worse is I can't find the way out without the three finger escape therefore shutting down the voting box AND the blog engine site. You're a cockhead if you have this "surprise" on yer blog. Truly you are.

Oookay...*wipes spittle from thin lips*...I feel better now. Yeah.

The magic lounge slash bed just wasn't doing it's trick last night. I think it may have been because I was excited. Yesss exsscited...*lisp* it with me.

I even lashed out four "ripped off" bucks for a packet of salt n vinegar chips from one of the local shops. Lookout eh. Paaartay.

Naturally, I have hidden them along with a few other substances from myself until Friday night. Got the loin spawn here tonight so I will be delegated to the lounge whilst he takes over le computer. But I don't mind that really because Thursday night tele is pretty good viewing all night. PLUS its the million bucks on "The Amazing Race" tonight.

I have Survivor on tape...courtesy of the Good Dick my ex. With the latest BB still to come. Yes. Shut up...I like watching the "reality" shows...and really with just the three channels available. Well the choice is pretty damn limited. But hell make the most of the situation I like to say to myself.

Returned my library books. Heh. I have a "real" library card now..."Lookout I'm packing and I know how to use it" I yelled in the library when I received it from the librarian slash teller Julie. She wasn't really amused by that, but fuck her, I was happy....got another two out...Patricia Cornwell and Jeffrey Deaver this time.

Ahhh...books...chips...a couple of highly anticipated and much longed for scoobs...and four days off.

Don't hate me because I'm me.
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