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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The activities helper asked me the other day "don't you ever get lonely?"...

I bit down on the reply "fuck no, generally I don't like people", instead I politely told her "no not really"...the thought did cross my mind that fuuuuck I know one day she is going to visit me...especially after she found out a couple of weeks before exactly where I lived. Courtesy of big mouth Ditzy..."she's in the FIRST teachers flat". Thank Fuck you Ditzy.

Now, I don't care for this volunteer either way. I don't dislike or like her. She helps out with the old tarts and the occasional old fart. I like that she does. Saves me having to stay fully with them whilst they do the morning activity. Some of the oldies don't particularly like her...I don't care if they do or do not. She accompanies them, along with another volunteer on their monthly bus outings. Again, this has saved me from spending prolonged time with them. She gets a dollar free outing and food and I get “free” time. Relationship works well.

A friendlier relationship would not work well. Not for me. The only thing we have in common is a vagina. I have enough cunts in my comfort zone as is. Why do my eyes drift towards the flat opposite.

Oh good one neighbour over the back...I love that smoky petrol noise/smell that you are making with that machinery...Frig I better go get my washing in before it reeks of it...*insert footstep noises leaving and returning*...Nice to hear your heathen kids can squeal and scream above that racket you are making with a now clearly deciphered chainsaw. Yes, Yes that’s the way turn it on your kids. Do it now. Dammit. I can’t see no splatters of blood flying nor see an arm land on your garden shed roof. Hmmm appears I will have to work on my telepathy powers.

**NO neighbours or heathen kids were physically hurt in this blog**

I am amazed at the powers of my lounge slash bed. Whoda thought I would still be sleeping most comfortably on a two seater lounge...AND waking up at a reasonable hour. Tho funny the night before I was spooking myself about a presence being in the room with me. Every time it got too dark it felt like “something” was there with me. Kept having to look around trying to focus with the moonlight in the empty room. Weird.

It’s a beautiful winters day. I’m liking it so far.
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