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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why is my jaw aching?

No. Not because I was out giving blowjobs to the stars. But because of the teeth clamping I was doing in the three and a half fuck-king hour piss-weak meeting I attended today.

Good gawd they give me the tomtits...shits.

*huuummm...hummmm...chants*...not much longer...*rocks backwards and forwards*

My magic lounge slash bed wasn’t working last night. By three thirty am, I am tired of it not lulling me off to sleep, dragged my sorry arse into my bedroom. Eventually I slept.

You can imagine my joy when finding the departmental $$funding$$ head honcho was also in attendence at this meeting. Now further imagine my joy when they all had a “special” meeting that we, the workers are not privy to attend.

So yep for one and a half hours preceding our regular meeting I twiddled my fucking thumbs...and worked on my frowny monobrow face.


Could have been worse, could have been after our regular meeting.

*continues rocking, chanting still*

I would have been spitting it, more, waiting for my passengers, who were in the “special” meeting.

*backwards and forth, backwards and forth*

Fuckit! Why can’t I be rich in money AND in pissiness?

Instead of just floating in the latter.

On a less shittier note.

Ahaahaa. They got my letter to "them" out of their mailbox. I know this because I heard Friar-Fuck yell out to "Mr Bearded Clam" [named because I think he looks like he could be a smarmy "rhymes with Rex Hunt" and he has a beard]..."that he had to move his fucken ute"...didn't hear what else he had to say because he then went inside.

Mr Bearded Clam came out and moved the ute. Almost pronto!

In hindsight, I should have waited to put the letter in there. No more than an hour after the vehicle was moved, Bubba, Sally‘s ex boyfriend drove into the complex.


Could have been very interesting to see if bubba would have just laid on the horn. Probably not.

But heyyy it worked. No fear. I am NOT relaxing my retribution bad neighbour awareness campaign.

Already scheming the second certificate "theme".

Oh well, it do entertain me.

Hmm...ooer I wonder if this is what that "manipulative" streak my birth number, birth sign [whatever] always says I possess.
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