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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Back onto my four days off.

Put four more films in to be developed today...buggered if I know what’s on them...after all I have three plus years worth of films undeveloped.

Oh shut up I do soooo.

Can you believe that shit, over three frigging years worth...don’t tell me I ain’t a git it done type.

I will be hoping to astound you good bloggers with visions of the LFB in a thong that was mine. Talking the butt kind not the foot kind here.

Loverly images uh.

I can still see our housemates face when he awoke to a furry little Hillbillie butt two inches from his nose. Shaking it.

But hell, not like it would have been the first time eh.

Ahhh good times.

To whet yer appetites til those are developed...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Gertie the Gecko...my one true friend.

**-->here’s<-- a face from the past, present and future.
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