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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i have this client at my oldie daycare...

that has the airs of a duchess and the personality to match. some days i can dig her and other days i just want to dig a hole for her...*shrug*...it happens.

yesterday was one of those days.

once a month our activity consists of brain drains...don't want me old dears solidifying in the brain-box now do we. nope. so nora has a problem it would appear with just about anything "american". just going on a past performance of hers and compounded by yesterdays effort.

so the other day when i was gathering the questions i decided to humour her and took the majority of the brain drains from english sites. weeding out what was not needed/wanted. but a nice balance of easy and hard questions.

partway thru the morning i went down to them to see how they were going with it all. soon as she and a few others spied me they were verbally into me regarding them.

*leaping* into my karate pose, body swaying like a cobra...as you do when dealing with this bunch.

i brushed off their "blah blah...whine whine" [<-----was from THEM not me]..."i don't think I'LL bother" was sniffed by nora...tried not to *think* of the hours i wasted on doing up their sheets for the ungrateful sods. i was needed back in the kitchen so i left them with the volunteer. the same volunteer that reported ten minutes later when asked how they were going said "oh they're not doing them all, refusing to, they're just talking"...okay fair enough...

came back to them twenty minutes before i had to do the meal dash to the outside clients to run thru the answers of what they did do. sat down near my two that "love" doing brain drains. and started to go thru the answers...when nora up the other end loudly expressed her outrage that i wasn't sharing the answers with all of them...

"oh i'm sorry nora i didn't think you and others up that end were bothering" i replied in that calm voice that i so love at times.

"well i don't think you should always get your "internet stuff" [as she called it] from america"

"i know that's what you think nora...that's why most of these came from english sites"..*smile*

"well, I like when you put the word up on the board and we make different words from it"

"yep, but i am sure i'd soon be hearing about it if that's ALL we did on brain drain days"

to which one of me favourites blurted out a cackled "yeaah"

"hey i am fine about not spending my own time doing up any of the activities in future"

she huffed and puffed a bit more. fading into the background. we proceeded with the answers. i managed to ONLY say..."ohhh now that's english"...twice. damn i AM getting good.

tho i did cackle and say a "oh here we gooo" when reading the answer to one of the questions...

13 S on the A F.

after they'd eaten their lunch i was approached by one of the others telling me NOT to stop doing them because of that old *mumbled* nora.

i am pretty sure the *mumbled* part equated to bitch.

oh and what's yer answer to...13 S on the A F...hmmm?
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