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Monday, May 08, 2006

i DO have a magic lounge slash bed...

woke up AND got up at seven-thirty this morning.

have successfully completed all things needed for tomorrows workday.

i would just like to say to the makers of wondersoft toilet paper...[what do you mean they might not read my blog?]...don't think i didn't notice the two rolls of two-ply that was in my purchased eight pack of three-ply. bastids. my butt knows the frigging difference you arsewipes. heh. applicable insult. hmmm i wonder if sending them a used section of it in the mail is considered some sort of threat.

spose that's the "karma" for scoring those extra pkts of chips in that fifteen pkt bag a few months back.

but really. what a rort.

i noticed earlier today that friar-fucks [ahaa his new aka...no longer known here as maurie with the friar tuck haircut] young lass is back at the flat opposite...i could see her clipping her toenails out on her front veranda. these past days i've counted five different bodies go thru that flats revolving door. she hasn't been there the past few days so i know she isn't "entertaining" them. if anything, i don't know if the others know that she's there when they are not in residence.

last night i had a message left on the phone with an invite to my nieces first birthday barbeque tomorrow. today was the added message/warning that the hoopers had also been invited. but you know why they were invited? no. well i better tell you's huh. they weren't invited because they are particularly wanted there but because my sister-in-law would feel bad if they just turned up. as she highly suspects that they would.

ahh hopefully they will give me some blog fodder. heh.
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