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Friday, May 05, 2006

fuck knows...

what got into me yesterday. i’m glad it did tho. as it was “good for me *moan* too”.

so in a big way i cleared the weekend for me-me time.

house flat duties...check
social duties to family...check

hmm what to do, what to do.

already i am forgetting it’s only saturday. i like when i’m forgetful like that...tho not liking when i forget it’s monday and realise i still have a ‘must-do by sunday’ post-it note floating about.

i blame getting up reasonably early yesterday in finding that it’s still only saturday. amazing what you can get done in daylight huh.

heh...i woke at eleven this morning.

well first i woke at seven, long enough to use the loo and crawl back on the lounge. as it’s the lounge that i have been sleeping on for the past four nights.

now really, why would i find sleeping on a two-seater lounge [i’m at least a three-seater in length] better than a nice, comfy double bed?...c’mon i ask you...’cause buggered if i know why i do.

i had the social brain-wave last night to ask my brother and family over for tea. stuffed them with pork and salad wraps...and a big plate of fried tatties, onion, ham and melted cheese...mmm now that’s COMFORT food. well my version of it...

“here, have another helping of fatty deposits and hardened arteries”

looks like there is a possibility that they will return back down to the city. my brother has not been able to land a job up here [despite swamping the *next big town over* with his resume] and their debts are mounting up into a good size pile. he is going to try and access his super in a couple of days...apparently you can do that when due to hardship... you have to have been collecting the dole [unemployment benefits] for six months also.

FUCK! if i knew that i would have pissed off my job a few months back.

but anyway, yeah that’s kinda sad if they have to relocate back. i think my sister-in-law is past the “if i got a job” and how it would change stage. she is just wanting/needing the stability of a decent pay cheque and the busier life with her family and friends around her. i can reaally understand her feeling like this. country life is not the right life for everyone...it would also help if you do it at the “right” time in life. she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of returning here a few years down the track, perhaps with another babe in arms. she’s a good girl. we love our jojo.

my dads quiet dream of growing old with all his kids in close proximity is slowly evaporating. they’ll be eight hours by car away and i’ll be over fifteen thousand k’s by plane. thank buggery for my sister. she’ll keep him amused.

ugh i just took a big swig of gone-cold coffee.
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