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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bitching at the rental realtors.

Rang them about my oven yesterday. It’s only been a few weeks since it went bum. I gave them permission to send someone out with a set of keys...dunno why I did that. Means I will have to tidy up some. Plus hide my ashtray outside at the end of the night. I did ask that I receive a phone call beforehand.

Surely hate to streak out of the shower to some unsuspecting oven-fixerer.

I tried to time my call to them when the bike was revvving but Friar-Fuck must have a sixth sense and turned it off just as the phone was picked up on the other end by one of the owners.

Fuckit...I mentioned them anyway.

I did forewarn her that I was prone to exaggerating numbers and shit.

She is going to check with her partner about how many are supposed to be living there. I believe she said that...when I mentioned that an avis hire truck had pulled up and several more beds had been offloaded.

Yeah, I know she’ll get right back to me with that. Not.

Okay I dunno what they really offloaded...but hell it sounded good...and it concerned the real estate office. Heh.

Went and had tea with my brother and his family last night. Very nice. Plus now I have fulfilled that whole return the meal deal that they think happens after they have dined at McShanons.

Was pleased to note that when I arrived home the bad neighbours must have been asleep. I did contemplate making a helluva racket but then thought it may disturb the so-so good neighbours...so I satisfied myself with driving slowly up near their bedroom window to make the turn into my carport...and yes, my hand did slip a short sharp beep on the horn.

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