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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Awake at sparrows fart this morning.

Curse you magic lounge slash bed! Actually, I'm rather liking it...yeah until I have to wake at the same time tomorrow for Tuesday day-care day.

I am contemplating/formulating the idea of having my sister-in-law come up before lunch. Meeting me oldies, giving a hand in the kitchen and then driving them home in my car. This would allow me to get to this monthly meeting [hell i need blog fodder] AND maybe get her "into" my position for when I depart my beloved country.

Dunno if she is interested tho. I mean after the client "horror" stories I have told her and my brother. Oops. But still she may do it until she finds or my brother finds work. I had already broached it with my boss...mentioning nepotism and crap.

The boss replied with in a small town the choice is more limited therefore it's no biggie.

I don't usually like that. The whole family working at the same place biz...can create hassles but hell I’ll be gone so wtf. Plus I believe she would be well suited to the job and its bullshit. Not meaning that in a negative way. At all. She’s just a lot nicer than me...or as she puts it "not as straight up as you".

Funny the impression other people get of you isn't it.

Usually doesn't match up with the self-impression.

I once found this newspaper at my old place of work...not unusual it used to happen heaps. Someone had defaced the lead photo. Names and arrows. My first thought when seeing the handiwork was "fuck am I seen as being kinda butchy?"...A co-worker said it was because of the inner strength of the girl surviving the ordeal.

Inner strength. WTF.

Dunno about that but I reckon I would at least try to drink my own pee...but hell if I’m drinking anyone else's.

Okay why did I type that?

It is something that we all have regardless. I guess whether you use it is the difference. Through blogging, I see heaps of people with it. Just used in various ways.

Okay. Fucked if I know where I was going with this...so I reckon I’m off to inner strength some clothes off the line and inner strength another load on.
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