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Friday, May 12, 2006

Yeaah, you can stick that fat-boy up yer clacker!

I bloody well hope that motorbike doesn't wake me in the morning. I believe my flat was reverberating with its chunkiness. I wish I got a look at the rider...just to size him up like. I’m thinking if I leap off the flat's roof onto him, knocking him off the bike I will be able to lay into him with a frenzy of kicks courtesy of my fluffy slippered foot.

May just become a warning to the other fucktoids that live there.

Just STOP being a bad neighbour!

When I pulled in the other day, Sally my other neighbour came running out of her flat at me and flung herself at my windscreen. So I knew she wanted to have a chat...I didn’t mind. Found out some "stuff"...in my books people are useless if they can't tell you stuff...she had a good old bitch about the new neighbours. Naturally, I joined in. She admitted to slamming every one of her car doors late one night when they were sleeping...I thanked her for waking me up that night.

I told her and Doug my other, other neighbour who when arriving home joined us to hear my payback plan for Friar-Fuck. Sally will be joining me on the mission. I don't mind just as long as she remembers who is running it [heh...well I thought of it] hopefully she can keep her trap shut.

But she does have a digital camera so I might let her think she's the supervisor when the photographer is needed.

Bloody hell the fat-boy must have begat a peewee last night.

What a charming sound in the morning...the continual kick-start of a mini-bike.

Oh lookout there we go, it started.

I’m so fucking happy for the little heathen.
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