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Thursday, May 04, 2006

besides wondering...

why tf my most "recent" posts...yonder...have been centered.

i have been exceptionally...yes exceptionally...busy.

three loads washed...and hung.
vacuumed...all bar the bedrooms.
toilet...de-pubbed, domesto-fied and sparkly.
bathroom...bathtub vacuumed [i don’t reaally “do” baths...once in a blue moon maybe. almost] vanity scrubbed and sparkly arkly.
laundry veranda...swept, tidied and de-cobwebbed.

i have not made it to the brothers and as it's now after one pm. it ain't gunna happen. well i don't think it will. but we, yes me'all will be considering it again tomorrow. i have a sneaking suspicion i may be visited...ooer visited...by aw-poor-johnno [heh. should draw him] and his wendy-wife.

apparently they are making a weekend trip back here.

hmm wonder if they WILL come a-knocking upon my door.

now...if i get the old tarts activity done by this time tomorrow. i will be so fucken good.


me’all knows it.
Posted by apositivepessimist :: 11:36 pm :: 9 comments

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