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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Look at my face and spot the interest.

Can someone tell me why am I often mistaken for someone who actually gives a toss?

Is it because of my neutral facial expression?

Yesterday I had to ring the transport division in the main office in the next big town over. Always a joy. Usually I get stuck on the phone with old waffly guts Allan...not anymore, he resigned and they accepted. Gladly I believe.

Speaking with his fill-in it was mentioned that I need to start going to the monthly meetings. Heh. I haven’t been to one since *oh shit aye* November last year...or maybe it was October. *note to self*...check back in the minutes.

I repeated to her what I said to the chairperson just last week...

It ain’t gunna happen if I ain’t got a driver for my oldies...[but with more words inserted and much better grammer]...I mean fuck me they have the meeting on MY Tuesday day-carecentre day. For the first couple of years I used to stress out about trying to get everything organised and running somewhat smoothly with the day-care. Then drive forty-five minutes there...sit thru two and up to four hours of them talking and bickering...90% crap and 10% not so crap.

Drive an hour back home...added time for the wildlife that start to play closer to the road. Hitting a kangaroo at ninety k’s an hour is not a healthy option. Knowing that my pay packet will never be correlated with the hours I put in.

I stopped busting a gut and blood vessel doing what they “expected” of me a while ago. My ex-boss at the club would be turning in her grave...if indeed she were dead. Thankfully she isn’t.

I’m at the stage of fuck ‘em...I’m here just killing time.
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