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Friday, May 19, 2006

Fag Burns and Rental Receipts.

I hate when my cigarette sticks to me lip. Either you end up sliding yer fingers down the shaft and they are burnt or you look like an animal starting its vomit face trying to remove it. I hate it more when people make comments about smoking, thinking I will give it up.

Shopping has been completed. Rental receipts for the past fuck knows how long have been collected with a minimum of fuss from the receptionist. The last time I tried, they had the retarded receptionist doing reception duties. after watching her fiddle fart about trying to find them, having absolutely no clue and starting to make whiney noises...therefore making me slightly nervous about their record keeping I told her that I’d come back another time...

Another time came about today.

Credited amount of $340 bucks matches my record also. I tell ya! Lucky for them...or else a bad business certificate would have been in order. Paying an extra $10 bucks a week slowly adds up. But fucked if the owner of agency doesn't tell me that the electrician is loathing...yeah loathe...to come all this way for just an oven element. wtf. He’d be paid [not by me] so I don't see what the fucken problem is.

Okay I said fuck in it’s various forms...so I must be have reached my lack of pizza tolerance.

The owner then made noises that perhaps he may come out and check it. I was pretty quick to tell him Doug the mowing bitch had the same problem with his oven and it is definitely an electrician job.

Be fucked if I want him out here. But I reckon I will potter about tidying it up. Just in case.
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