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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Relations and other Irritations.

You know, sometimes I want to hurt the LittleFatBastid really bad.

He annoys me so.

I know, I know. That’s relationships innit.

Luckily for him he has vacated the premises. I don’t believe the cupboard doors coulda sustained another round of closings…not quite slammed but neither gentle. Not noisy enough to risk his wrath but enough that I felt slightly, just ever so slightly better. But boy did those dishes get a good workout. I washed them bastards hard.

Ha. I get mad and do the dishes. If I’m really pissed off I clean the whitegoods…stove, microwave fridge. Fuck me ay. But its either do the dishes or unleash my no holds barred tongue on him. Yes I do have that ability to say not really what I mean always, but what I mean in the moment.

Why you little cocksuckingmotherfuckingprick…blah blah!

Yo! Feel the love uh.

Speaking of love.

I do adore my friend Alky but dammit sometimes I’m irritated by her habit of repeating herself or over-explaining things. I’m not sure if she thinks I’m like everyone else she knows, but fuckme I have the capability of remembering shit. And sometimes I’m pretty smart.

I am about to be tested.

We are going down to her brothers houseboat. Leave Sunday arvo returning the Tuesday one. Well, maybe we are going. She still has to confirm it with him. Which is something that irritated me. I thought it was a done deal. I mean I arranged to miss a day of work. A day, somebody who earns $7.50 an hour can’t really afford to miss. But she nagged me enough to the point I thought, yeah this little trip might be alright. It would get me out of this county and away from the same old scenery. A new scenery that must contain a mountain or two. After her third mention of seeing these mountains I had to tell her I have actually seen mountains before. Admittedly not this mountain. But Fuck. It’s a mountain. Move on.

Since she got fired I have seen a lot more of Alky. Like every day. Or so it seems. The blessing is she doesn’t stay overly long, just long enough to eat, piss and repeat shit I heard from her the previous visits.

Like, to remind me that I only need a set of clothes for the trip down there and the trip back and my swim togs for the day we are there. I’m not sure if she thinks I’m a prissy girl who doesn’t know how to pack for a two night stay somewhere, or, she thinks I’m rich enough to have a lot of clothes. There’s not much choice in my summer wardrobe. Shorts, tee-shirts, two pairs of ¾ sport-daks… okay now lets eliminate the ones that are holey and/or bleach stained…short, tee-shirt and the two pairs of daks. As for the swimming togs. Yeah right. I only do swimmers in the privacy of me. Cut-offs and singlet will suffice.

Or, to not smoke in her non-smoking-sister-in-laws car, if she gets to borrow it. Again, I thought it was a done deal and she was borrowing it. The non-smoking bit, I knew that soon as she said her sister-in-law didn’t smoke. See. Smart with a capital esssss.

Or, to make sure we vacuum, do dishes, make beds, turn breaker box off. Basically leave it as you find it. I was pretty sure, the brother as wealthy as he is, would not have a maid-service for his houseboat. All but the breaker box turnoff, I would think was a given yerknow.

Arrghhh but she’s a very good and generous person who means well, can be really quite fun when she isn’t repeating the same old shit. Maybe by the end of the trip I will have her trained enough to the “Bullshit Off” command to respect and not be hurt by it.

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