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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Death and other cat-as-trophies.

So there’s been a few deaths lately uh.

My mother-in-law not liking to be outdone in the death, destruction and tragedy department rang to inform us that the RedHeadedStepSister’s cat had got run over.

I’m leaving the next few lines blank until I can think about a more acceptable emotion that may have washed over me in that moment. An emotion other than. WTF do I bloody care. Damn thing was a killing machine. Birds. Baby BunnyRabbits…and my fucking frogs. Well okay not technically my frogs but I like frogs so they’re all classed as mine. I much prefer the bird, bunnies and frogs to the “domesticated” feline.

We did encourage her to buy a bell for the killing machine. Encouragement was stepped up after I tied the wacking big “come and get it” bell around the cats neck…[Yes. I’m joking…thought about it tho] and a tinkly bell was purchased. It lasted around the cats neck for about a week or so. Don’t know if it came off on it’s own accord, or if it was aided and abetted by someone.

That is their excuse for not going to a birthday do for two of her grandkids.

The death of the cat.

I can’t help but think. Did the cat have a last thought?

Karmic or otherwise.


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