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Monday, June 11, 2007

A day perhaps more a week in the life of Me.

You know what I love about this internet connection. Yes there’s always a bloody positive. In the time it takes me to load one of your punk arsed bitches blogs up, I can paint another layer on my “Biker” gourd…Or add another paragraph to this post.

The LFB and his Uncle Russell are down over the hill levelling off their soon to be chook house. Just from the random swearing bubbles that float on up the hill I don’t reckon it’s being as easy as they both first thought. Heh. But they’re getting there with it.

It used to be up closer to the house; but Claude went and got himself a brand spanking new shed. Damn was he excited. That’s all he spoke about in waking hours. From the time his feet hit the floor until they lifted off it at night-time that man did NOT stop yabbering about his soon to be shed. He cracks my fat arse up.

The removal and relocation of the old shed was a highly attended spectator event. Had Russell’s wife Inez, his daughter Rhonda, son in law Dwayne and grand-daughter here as well. We made sure his daughter video’d it. We were all hoping thinking a few bucks could have been made off Funniest Home Video. Had the deck chairs lined up all along the back porch, drinks, munchies and smokes in hand.

Of course, all I could picture was Claude leaping in front to halt the rapidly speeding down the hill sheds progress…yelling “WhaHu…I’ll stop it MoM” if it got lose of its restrainers. As it was, Johnny from the place next door had to come over with his mini tractor, hook the old shed up and drag it down over the hill. Claude assisted by sitting on the front end, weighing the tractor down. I missed seeing Claude’s face when the tractor was rearing up like a bucking bronco on takeoff. But I sure can imagine it, he‘d a been WhaHuuhing, big time.

Alas I didn’t miss Russell loosing his strides during the process. Down they fell in a slow motioned swoosh. That man was hopping backwards, trying to get a hold of his ever increasing nakedness and embarrassment. I think when I started cheering it didn’t help his embarrassment factor any. The LFB said his face was beet red and he didn‘t acknowledge us up on the porch for a good hour after the de-striding.

Fuck how I laughed.

I adore these people.


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