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Sunday, May 06, 2007

In nine more days.

Life will not be as I know it. Jim.

The only "thing" that will be similar to what I am familiar with will be...well, me really.

Well familiar in most ways; I am considering getting a complete change of hairstyle. On both my head and nether region. Arhaaha. But lets just talk about the head end. I am throwing up whether to git myself a female mullet.

No seriously.

I *know* I would drive the LittleFatBastid just wild with a mullet.

Oh I snorted when I cackled then.

Now. I think I have to stop listening to this seventies compilation CD.

Maybe after this run through of it.

If I didn’t think it was “wrong” to burn this CD therefore ripping off the artists in their royalties I‘d get my son to copy this...yes, alright, okay it’s more I think if Customs were to go through my stuff they might not see this as being a good thing for me to have.

I discovered some mersyndol in my SIL’s bathroom cabinet. So I took 2. I have nothing but fond memories of mersyndol.

I can NOT believe how good a dancer I am.

No truly.

One day if yer really lucky I might get the LittleFatOne to join me in putting on a dance routine for you guys. Fucken Torville and Dean have nothun on our boogieing arses. Arhaaha how many of youse went huh, weren’t they bloody ice-skaters?

If you did, well yes, you’d be correct.

Oh and. Yes, you can stop pointing and laughing at the slow fat kid stuck on dial up now. You can quit it, because I have upped my speed by an arse crackling 20Kbps. AHA! How did I do this you may well ask. Just in case none of you wankers ask, I will tell yers. I am camped out at my brothers place, while he, his wife and the two littlest heathens are in Sydney. It's a wee bit faster in town than what it is stuck out in the sticks.

So here I am tra la lahing all over the blogosphere.

Wooty, woot woot.


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