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Monday, April 30, 2007


I would never apologise for not getting around to your blogs because I’m usually pretty good concerning visiting you bastids out there. Heh.

But alas I have fallen prey to the speed of my internet connection, so am spending a fair bit of time elsewhere...Forgive Me Bubbha...but I have been once again drawn to the simplistic ease of blogging.

Some will know where I refer to. Those that don’t. It don’t matter.

I will add it’s half you bastids fault BTW.

Arhaahaa...People yer killing me here; with the graphics and extra pretty shit on yer blogs.

I’m pretty patient but I ain’t THAT freaking patient.

I’m a wee bit ashamed [not really, but it sounds bloody humble] to say it gets to be a case of fuck yers I’m outta ere, before you are downloaded.

I know, I know, not pretty but there you have it.

I will *ahem* note that every now and again at least a few of you’s are blessed with a comment.

That’s after I remember that I can’t comment without logging into google [I ALWAYS type fucking goggle first...then look at it and think hmmm that not be right] or whatEVER that is.

So I head over and start the laborious process of actually logging into Blogger.

Am I there yet?

Oh lookout we have lift-off.

See you’s soon.

Even if it is only fleetingly.

Those with stat counters may smell me...you'll be aware I was there, Bitches.


Posted by apositivepessimist :: 4:54 am :: 16 comments

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