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Thursday, March 22, 2007

There's a whole lotta dobbing going on!

We had another local PotHead busted for growing a few plants for personal use. Once again they were dobbed in by a vindictive dobbing arsehole bitch.

Funny, that the dobber BCB and her FSH made their money to buy their house in this town by the sale of their own cultivations in another town. How's their fucken form aye? See, they moved here hoping that their previous reputation wouldn't follow them. Stupid people. Ve vill find zee out EVERYZING in zee small town...and if we don't find it all out, we will ad-lib. Heh. But "apparently" not in this case.

Also funny, that the BCB went around to the dobbee's Mum's place in an attempt to explain herself and her actions. My sister and I agreed she'd be saying "I only did it fer the sake of the kiddies". Which would be fair enough if the kiddies seemed underfed, beaten or neglected. They aren't. They seem stupid, but hell my sister and I figure that's just from their mothers gene's. She's a bit dense. But...Nope BCB done it to be a vindictive nasty piece of piss. That's just how they roll. And believe me they'd have to roll, weight gains run in that thair family.

And perhaps the BCB should consider sticking her fat nose in her own flesh and bloods home. I mean that grandkid of hers is being fed to death by the look of him. He's a little porker. Unhealthily so.

Elation was dobbed in by the family of one of the towns Old Girls. Dunno if it was warranted or not as the dobbing family are well known for their antics. Has been said, that the son has hated Elation for a long arsed while. Wonder if he knows she fingers herself...maybe if he did he'd have been happy that Elation hadn't been down to check on his Mum. She might have ended up in a worse boat than what she did. Dunno.

What I do know is.

I wasn't gunna let Elation do her "snivelling/please hold me" act on my bloody shoulder. Ouff that makes me dry retch just thinking about her doing that. But I think I cut the chances down of her doing so when I replied "Shut up, sit down and just drink yer fucken coffee" when she started on the "dramatics". Mind you, when I said that I didn't know what her latest problem was.

Kinda glad that I was unaware, as I probably wouldn't have said it.

I like it when I am not required to censor myself...Image Hosted by ImageShack.us...heeheehee.


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